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The story behind Uh Oh books...

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The story behind Uh Oh books is one we love. Having the prompt to write and share this story with you through #Marchmeetthemaker is such an exciting suggestion for us.

Samantha is a designer and illustrator under her own brand A Thousand Yellow Daisies. Through this work, Samantha began to find a passion for collaborative working and started a collaboration community: In Collaboration.

When Rachel joined the community, the two ladies came together for a coffee. Samantha wanted to learn everything she could about Rachel’s design brand Hare Raising Designs and the future of her business. Through this discussion, Rachel’s passion for eco awareness and her mission to educate the younger generation, support charities and make a positive impact was highlighted. As Rachel began to talk about her idea to create a children’s book, Samantha knew it was a fantastic opportunity.

Having recently moved into the children’s book industry as an illustrator herself, alongside a passion for creative writing that had never been pursued Samantha offered to support the project. This quickly led to a collaborative partnership, Samantha writing her first full children’s story and Rachel creating incredible illustrations. Between them they tweaked the story and created the designs...suddenly they were gaining interest, arranging pre-stockists, running sell our workshops and gaining big plans!

Now the partnership is getting ready to launch as a crowdfunder. With partnerships, stockists and support behind them, Rachel and Samantha have great plans to turn the first book in what they hope to be a series into a very special educational, interactive and eco friendly book (and more!) into an incredible project achieving their hopes and dreams while making a big difference!

Rachel, Sam and Flo x

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